Book buying obsession!


Ever since I discovered the world of book blogging and booktube about 2 years ago, my savings account has dropped and my book collection had grown from about 15 to 250 books. Yikes. That's a lot of books.

This past weekend I moved houses, which meant moving aaaall those books, and that was certainly a daunting task. A few weeks before I knew I was moving I cataloged all my books into a google spreadsheet, a snippet of it is shown below

My organisational system for cataloging my books

But prior to moving I stared at my shelves, and I could definitely see more than a couple of books I knew I didn't want to keep. Giving away books is hard, I imagine it is similar to the feeling of giving up your first born child (I kid... I think). But I was utterly ruthless going through my shelves. My plan was to get rid of the following types of books:

  1. Books I have previously read, and know I will never read again.
  2. Second books in a series I am not super excited about, where I do not own the first book. 
  3. Books that I do not know the premise of/am not interested in.
I used to live about 2 minutes from the city branch of my town's library, and they had book sales every few months. Really great sales where hardbacks would only cost 20 cents. So I would eagerly mark these sales into my diary and then go along and buy any book that is even remotely interesting looking. This has resulted in me collecting a lot of books where I knew I would never read. So these ex-library books were some of the first to go. 
I managed to get rid of about 50-60 books total, which are pictured below. Don't get me wrong, I love some of these books, but I just don't have room for them all. One of my new years resolutions was to buy less books, and so far this year I have only bought 3 (for me, that is a miracle). Do any of you have book buying problems? And what is one book you could never get rid of?

Some of the books that didn't make it to my new home

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