Review: Breaking the Rules by Katie McGarry


Rating:  4/5

First, let's discuss how awful this cover is! I seriously can't stand books with the MCs embracing on the cover *eye roll* it's insanely cheesy, not to mention I wouldn't be caught dead with this in public. 

But moving onto the actual book:

I have a serious soft spot for Katie McGarry books. I've read enough of them now to get the formula: one troubled boy with a difficult upbringing and add one equally troubled girl. 
This book was no different but just as enjoyable. 

This book follows Noah and Echo over the summer after high school, as Echo is trying to find her feet in the art world and Noah tries to find his family.

The characters were complex and flawed and I found myself being able to relate to every single one of them. 

I think my only issue with the book was with Noah. The relationship was supposed to seem a little flawed, but was so controlling and overbearing. It was confusing because sometimes he was super supportive, when other times he was scary violent and potentially emotionally abusive. 

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