Audiobook vs. Ebook vs. Physical book


Ahhh... The great debate. In book world, everyone has a preference.
I know some people who swear ebooks make them read so much faster, and love them.
I know some ebook snobs who would give themselves an eye strain form rolling their eyes too hard if anyone convinced them to pick up anything other than a real book.
There are also often camps against audiobooks, who claim it’s not ‘real reading’

What’s my preference you ask? I love all three. A few years ago I was a total ebook snob, and loved physical books. Although I still believe there is no greater feeling than turning over the last page of a book, or burying my nose between the pages I truly believe there is a place for all of them, and I often have 3 books on the go, all in different medias.

I usually have an audiobook in the car, which I listen to and from work. This is a 30 minute drive each way, so an hour of audiobook a day means I can consume an extra book every 2 weeks, when I would otherwise be listening to music.

I also always have a few ebooks on the go, which I may read on my laptop when I don’t have a physical book handy.

Which media of books is your favourite?

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  1. I was an eBook snob and would only read a physical book until my hubby bought me a kindle (I now read on my iPad), I now only read eBooks and find myself struggling to get through a physical copy.

    I struggle with audiobooks too because I am always doing something when I am listening and miss important information, I tried to listen in the car but I was never in it long enough. I do hope to get back into them though.

    I'm definitely an eBook girl.

    Sharon – Obsession with Books

  2. It's funny how we can be so against something until we give it a go! I guess your husband did well then ;) haha


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