Book Depository Bookmark Collection


Eh... A girls gotta rest ;)
Who here is guilty of using Who here is guilty of using an old receipt, a tissue or even… an unbanked cheque as a bookmark? *Looks around sheepishly… Raises hand* I used to use anything until I realised how many Book Depository bookmarks I have hiding around my room.

Anyone who uses Book Depository probably knows about their bookmarks. With every order you make on their website you get a free bookmark with it. Every so often Book Depository releases their new 'season' of bookmarks, most of which (if not all) are designed by the public who entered into their design competition.

Well I was cleaning my room the other day and decided to put these bookmarks, which were EVERYWHERE into one place and Oh. My. God. I didn't realise how many I have. Let's not equate the amount of bookmarks I own to the amount of money I must have spent on books.

Here are some pictures of just some of the bookmarks, in all of their cardboard-y glory.

I don't 'collect' these, I have ruined and tossed so many of these over the years, but apparently this is what I have left (which is more than just a little bit worrying...) But I really like using these bookmarks because I never have to worry about losing or damaging them, if I do it's not a big deal, compared to if I were to use expensive bookmarks.

I use these as my standard bookmarks when I read, I have been wanting to get some cute magnetic bookmarks off etsy, such as these ones by craftedvan but I can't quite bring myself to buy them when I have so many bookmarks already.

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  1. Hello, I'm collecting Book Depository bookmarks myself and stumbled across this post. Since you seem to have many duplicates, would you be at all willing to sell me any of your bookmarks please? I've been scouring eBay but nobody seems to sell them :( Should you wish to help me I would greatly appreciate it - my email is

    Have a nice day! :)


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