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So many people set themselves reading goals at the begging on the year (I posted about my own reading goals here) but find it hard to follow through. I have a friend, Coco, who is constantly asking me how I read so much and how she can read more.

Make reading a priority 
If you aren’t used to reading, or have made a resolution to read more each day then try to set aside a certain amount of time each day to read. People always complain they don’t have time to read, but it’s just because they are not making reading a priority.

Instead of playing that app on your phone, read.
We all have those moments in the day, 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there were we pull out our phones. Instead of pulling up the latest app (like Clash Royal – which my boyfriend is obsessed with) read a few pages of your book instead. I have the kindle and ibooks apps on my phone and make sure they are loaded with a few books so I can read them when I am waiting for something

Listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to read more. I know tons of people who argue this doesn’t count as ‘reading’ but I think it’s a fantastic way to consume stories. But when you don’t have time to read this is perfect, there are so many boring tasks, such as driving or cleaning, that you can use to listen to books. I love physically reading books, but I also love audiobooks.

Make sure you read what you love
If you are finding yourself struggling to read or are forcing your way through a book and just not enjoying the process of reading. Stop. It's probably because that book isn't right for you, and might even push you into a dreaded reading slump. If you find that you love historical fiction - great! read that! If you're drawn towards non-fiction, keep on keeping on and if you love romance novels told from the perspective of cats then you do you. I'm not saying stick to only one genre but reading should be for enjoyment, so make sure you're enjoying it!

Find some reading buddies
Join a bookclub or read a novel with friends. When you have someone to talk about the book during or after it makes the experience much more fun. If you join a book club it might also help you set some deadlines on reading chapters which can be useful for some people. 

Keep on reading *salutes* 

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