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 Hello to all those in Dumbledore’s Army, especially to my fellow Ravenclaws.

I have never posted about Harry Potter here, which is to ignore a huge part of my literary world. I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione and have loved the books with all of my heart. I went to the midnight releases for the last 3 books. (I was 11 when Order of the Phoenix came out, 13 for Half Blood Prince and 15 for Deathly Hallows) I dressed up to go to the midnight premieres. I dressed up as Mad-Eye Moody three years in a row.

I proudly display a Deathly Hallows decal on the back of my car and on my laptop. I show my love for this series proudly and publicly – there is nothing better than bonding with a stranger over a mutual love. I show my house pride with my Ravenclaw scarf.

Today I thought I would show you some of my Harry Potter collection...

My little book shelf shrine 


First, the main event: the books themselves. I would love to get hardcovers for Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets one day, but I just can’t justifying spending money on them now, plus these tatty books hold such a level of sentiment for me, it would be a crime moving them away from my series

Illustrated Harry Potter
This edition is absolutely beautiful. Jim Kay, the illustrator, is so incredibly talented. I read this last year, and it was my first re-read of the Philosopher’s stone in years! I will be buying all of the books when they are released in the illustrated edition

Harry Potter Colouring Book
I got this for Christmas from my boyfriends mum’s partner. I think a little birdie told them I had my eye on it (thanks Nick x). The illustrations inside are detailed and colouring them in is relaxing and satisfying. I might post a few of the ones I’ve done in another post.

Text books
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I loved this book and the notes scribbled in the side, I’ve written a full review and it will be up soon!

Quidditch Through the Ages. A new addition to my collection, and part of my February TBR, I’ll let you know what I think as soon as possible


Dumbledore POP! Vinyl
This is my favourite POP! Vinyl that I own, Dumbledore gives me life.

Harry’s wand
This is none other than the wand of the Boy Who Lived. Necessary for all of my spell casting needs.

Key Ring
Hogwart’s crest is on my keyring. I am completely aware than Hufflepuff shouldn’t be in green, I got a messed up one in the mail and I love it more than the normal J
I love muck ups and rejects

Attire and such

Time Turner Necklace
Hermione is such a kick-ass heroine and Ron and Harry would be dead and lost without her. I wish I could be a little more like Hermione and this Necklace at least helps me pretend.

I recently got this Ravenclaw scarf which I’m obsessed with. It is light and wearable throughout summer. It has the Ravenclaw crest on it and I love it so much. (I may also get a heavy knit scarf and a beanie for winter hehe)

I have a pair of Slytherin socks. Slytherin isn’t my house but I love them too, they are ambitious and driven and have a terrible reputation but I have a couple of friends who identify as Slytheirn's and I these socks are crazy comfy.

Phone Case
This was my fantastic phone case for my iphone 5, but I upgraded to a 6 a few months ago so this was passed on to my Harry Potter loving friend.
I miss you phone case!

On my wish list
I know I have quite a few collectables already but there are a few things I admit are still on my wish list...

  • The first is this quidditch set from BookDepository. I think I’m going to treat myself to this soon, but it doesn’t come out for ages – I want to see some photos of it from people who have bought it before getting it myself
  • The other is the Unofficial Harry PotterCookbook. I want to make pumpkin pasties. I want to make butter beer. I want to make knickerbocker glories and Harry's birthday cake. I need this in my life.

Finally, what inspired me to post this: Alan Rickman. Hearing that he passed away from cancer made me incredibly sad. He was an incredible actor, who’s portrayal of Severus Snape shaped not only my childhood but people all over the world. You will be sorely missed. *Raises wand*

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