Review: Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Rating: 3/5

It was the month of Jennifer L. Armentrout I guess. This is the second book I read by her this month, and it isn’t often I read two books by the same author in a month if they are not part of a series.

Wicked is a New Adult Paranormal Romance novel that, despite the cover, is not about mermaids (I swear I though this book involved mermaids until I was about 25% of the way through the story. I’ll save you the anticipation – it doesn’t hahaha!) This book instead is about fae, which are dangerous and feed on humans. Ivy is a 22 year old college student by day and a fae hunter by night.
Ivy lives in New Orleans and is part of The Order, the secret organization that hunts and kills fae. The Order guards the gates to the other world, preventing more fae from entering our world and hunts down the ones that are here. The order keeps humans unaware of the existence of fae. Ivy kills fae night after night, until she comes up against an Ancient, a super powerful fae which are nearly impossible to kill. The Ancient fae are supposed to be trapped in the otherworld. Ivy meets Ren and they have to work together to dig deeper about the Ancients and find out about their plan to use the gates to enter our human world.

Jennifer L. Armentrout never fails to entertain with her books, and although I really did enjoy reading this one, it fell a little short compared with her Lux series. This world was interesting and has plenty of kick-ass fighting scenes, however, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the relationship between Ivy and Ren – for me it had instalust written all over it.

I think the characters rather than story is this authors strength. I loved Ivy. She was witty, feisty, strong willed and all in all likable. She was snarky and had a certain nonchalance that I admired ‘‘I’d never been shot before. Stabbed? Yes. Thrown around? Most definitely. Almost set on fire? That too. But being shot…wow, this sucked donkey balls.’’ Although, my favourite character was Tink, the Brownie that Ivy lives with. He was sassy as hell and I loved his references to Disney and Harry Potter. One of the only characters that I had a problem with was Ren, the love interest. I found myself rolling my eyes at Ren more often than once, his character was way too unrealistic and there were no real character flaws that made his character seem multi-dimensional.

Overall this book was enjoyable (although very predictable – I saw the ending coming a mile off) and I will most likely be picking up the second book ‘Torn’ which doesn’t have a release date but is supposed to be released this year.

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