Book-ish DIYs


I don't approve of destroying books for the sake of home decor, so here are some DIYs that all book lovers will love, where absolutely no books were harmed

1. Rustic pallet backed bookcase

This pallet backed bookcase from Over The Big Moon is rustic and I would love to make this for my house. 

This is such a cute idea, and you can learn how to do it over at idigoamethyst 

Learn how to make these striking book ends here

4. Book spine staircase 

I can't find the original poster for this! So if you know let me know. Admittedly this takes a fair bit of talent, and this definitely is out of the question if you are renting, but I would love to do something like this one day when I own my own home. 

Let me know if you have made any book related DIYs. I see way too many 'ways to repurpose old books' posts where I see innocent books being torn apart and cut up and their corpses grotesquely displayed. I much prefer to show my love for books without harming any physical books.  

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  1. Yes, it's disturbing to see a book lover tearing up books! Although one friend in York has created a readable wall comprised of book pages as wallpaper which is pretty cool (and I was assured the books were in poor condition and not easily readable due to falling apart before they met their fate)

    1. That sounds really cool! I saw something like that online a few months back and I was so tempted but I don't have any falling apart copies of books that I love enough to plaster all over my walls

  2. I love these! I totally need all of them. :-) It's ridiculous when people cut up old books. Why??? There's always selling them or giving them away!

    1. I know! My heart hurts when I see book DIYs and they are like "First step: rip out the pages of the book". My boyfriend told me I was dramatic comparing it to puppies dying but I don't think so hahaha!


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