Overcoming a Reading Slump


I’m back! I am officially back from my holiday in S.E. Asia and it was incredible! I will be posting here much more often again.

So I didn’t do much reading when I was on my trip, my tired eyes protested way too much every time I tried to pick up a book: I was in a reading slump.

Today I will tell you my top tips to overcoming a reading slump

1.     If you can pinpoint what it is that is causing you to slump. Put that down. Stop reading it. I mean now.
2.     Re-read an old favourite. Everyone has a book that makes them fall in love with reading again. I know people who swear by Twilight every time they fall into a slump. I personally find that a really good New Adult book is what I need to pull myself out of a slump
3.     Try a new genre. Step out of your comfort zone a little – you might find a new favourite genre or author.
4.     Relax, and take a break from reading. If you are stressing about meeting a goal, such as finish a book by the end of the week or not to fall behind on your Goodreads goal, I think you need to step back and remember why you read. Is it to relax? For enjoyment? That’s why I do. It’s not a bad thing to marathon a Netflix show, and wait the slump out a bit (I suggest Gilmore girls). Sometimes people just need a break from so many words and ideas.
5.     Get inspired. Read some of your favourite book blogs, or watch some booktube videos.  They always make me so excited about new releases.
6.     Try an audiobook. You might just need a break from words on a page but still want to consume as many stories as you can. An audiobook is great for this, and I always find it throws me right into that place where I can’t wait to pick up my next book.
7.     Join a book club or find a reading buddy. If you have someone that is super excited to read a book it might rub off on you.
8.     Visit a bookstore. Perusing the shelves of a bookstore always put me in a book-ish mood. Maybe you will find a book that sounds incredible, and you wont be able to wait to go back to your book. 

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