Review: The Selection series by Kiera Cass


If I had to sum up this series in one word it would be addictive. These books read just like reality TV, and they really are pretty similar to them. This selection to me is The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games.

This dystopian series is set in a post-apocalyptic U.S. (a world war was mentioned) and a caste system has been put in place. A 1 is royalty and an 8 is essentially homeless. America Singer was born a five, a working class performer, destined to a life of entertaining the higher castes.
35 girls from all the castes are drawn from a raffle to come to the castle and one of them will be selected by the prince to be his bride, and America is one of them. This process of Prince Maxon selecting his bride is broadcast to all of Illea, keeping them docile and in their place – inspiring to see a 5 plucked out of her caste and given the chance to become a 1. This is where the similarity to The Hunger Games was for me.


The Selection
Rating 4/5
I finished this book within 12 hours of starting it. I though this was the best book in the series, much more happens in this book than any of the others, and America experiences her entire world being flipped upside down
The love triangle emerges between Prince Maxon, Aspen (America’s boyfriend from home) and America in this first book. A lot of people have complained about America’s indecisiveness in this book but I thought her indecisiveness was a realistic response.

The Elite
Rating 3/5
The Elite starts when Maxon has narrowed the girls down to the top 6, and this is where America’s indecisiveness started to get a little bit frustrating. This book focused a lot more on the rebels and the attacks against the royals.  To me this book followed the trend of the second book generally being the weakest in the series and simply being used as a bridge to get to the third book.

The One
Rating 4/5
The love triangle was frustrating to me in this book, although it made sense in the first book where Aspen just arrived at the castle it was dragging on a bit by the 3rd book, and I would have loved to go into the book to shake America. But his book was most interesting for me from a political standpoint – it investigated much more how Illea come to be and America struggles not only with being in the spotlight and if she really wants to be Queen but has to decide what type of country she would like to run and how she would work to shape it if she is selected by Maxon.

Although this series wasn’t completely original and was riddled with troupes it was very entertaining, and un-put-down-able. If you are looking for an easy fun read this is such a good series for that.

I have just purchased Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass which is a bind up of novellas of a bunch of characters. There is a novella from Maxon, Aspen, Queen Amberly and Marlee along with an epilogue and a bunch more – this book is definitely on my February TBR.
And to anyone who just can’t get enough of this series, I’m sure you have heard about The Heir, the daughter of Maxon and his wife going through the selection herself with 35 men (think the bachelorette) This is also a 3 book series with the next book, The Crown, being released on

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