Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness


Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed this 'apocalypse adjacent' story. This book is told from the perspective of Mikey. Him and his friends are never involved in the crazy stuff that happens but at the beginning of each chapter there is a summary of what is happening in the indie kids' lives:

'Chapter the First, in which the Messenger of the Immortals arrives in surprising shape, looking for a permanent Vessel; and after being chased by her through the woods, indie kid Finn meets his final fate'

In the story all we see of this is Finn running past our gang as they hang out.

This book cleverly poked fun at many YA troupes. One line that had me laughing was when Henna said 'this is worse than when they were all dying beautifully of cancer'. It was hilarious how Patrick Ness teased the names of characters books 'with fellow indie kids Finn, Dylan, Finn, Finn, Lincoln, Archie, Wisconsin, Finn, Aquamarine, and Finn' and if you think non- indie kid Henna has an indie kid name - in the back of the book Ness tells us real life human Henna won an auction for her name to be in his newest book 

Overall I really enjoyed this - it was refreshing take on literature. This book tells us that even if you don't fall on crazy, passionate love at 17, or you're not dying beautifully of cancer, if you're not the chosen one and you don't save the world; your story still deserves to be told.

I love the cover of this edition and the blue page edges!

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  1. Wow it sounds very different, I'm curious ! I'll put it on my list !

    1. It was a fun read - and super short! The font was massive, so could be good if you have a goodreads goal

  2. Btw (it's Cathy again), do you know why my profile pic doesn't appear ?

    1. I can see it here, just not in the comment above. I'm not very good with blogger yet, so I think I might have a glitch in my theme sorry :)


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