Book Inspired Fashion #1


I thought I would do something a little different and start a new series on my blog where I post book inspired outfits, I recently re-discovered polyvore so I was playing around with some book ideas

#1 Illuminae
Illuminae was such a fantastic read I mentioned here. I love was inspired by Katy's no nonsense attitude and futuristic lines. I love these galaxy nails! I wish I was talented enough to attempt nail art like this

#2 The Night Circus

I like creating outfits I would actually wear, so I obviously veered away from the steampunk side and more into a wearable outfit for me. 

#3 It Ends With Us
I just started It Ends With Us last night, and I adore it, so I wanted to create an outfit based on the cover, and Lily Bloom

This was lots of fun so if you have any request for book inspired outfits for next time let me know in the comments, and I will give it a shot.

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