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If you don't know this about me, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I made a post a while ago on my Harry Potter collection, which needs a new update post, because I have got so many new books and memorabilia since I made that blog post.

It was revealed The Cursed Child was a new play being released, with input from Queen Jo herself, and was marketed as "The 8th Story", set 19 years after the the Deathly Hallows. I died a little inside knowing I would never be able to see this, since I live in New Zealand. So, as some of you may have guessed I was flipping out when I heard the script was being released for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I'm a drama kid, and have always loved theatre so I was really used to reading script formats.

July 31st arrived and I put on some Harry Potter gear (Ravenclaw letterman jacket, deathly hallows necklace, phone case) and I drag my boyfriend to the bookstore. It was released at 11am in New Zealand, if it was a midnight release I would have dressed up completely, but there were too many muggles wandering around outside.

There was probably around 40 people at the bookstore all waiting to get their hands on it, and since I arrived about an hour early I was one of the first to get my mitts on it

It's so beautiful
I took the book home and started it right then. I was done within a couple of hours - the script format makes this a super fast read.

So before I get down to the gritty details I will just say that I absolutely loved this book and absolutely give it 5 stars! I know a lot of people have issues with this, saying it read like fan fiction and they disliked the script format, but personally I loved it.

I felt very emotional reading this book, in fact I was in tears for the first chapter. Everything made me feel very nostalgic. I wasn't expecting it to pick up exactly where deathly hallows left off. I really liked the path that Albus went down, without revealing anything I like that they didn't do something completely predictable. But my favourite character was Scorpius Malfoy, he was a little ray of sunshine, and his character was funny, relatable and probably my favourite thing from the story. His relationship with Albus seemed 'more-than-just-friends' to me, and I'm pretty sure it must have come across that way to everyone else, but apparently, they were simply just friends? ... I'm dubious.

This story explores time-turners and it helped to answer some questions that had fans screaming during the series, why didn't they use these time turners more, since they seem like such valuable objects? Why don't they bring back Harry's parents? Why don't they use the time turners to stop Voldemort?

One day I would love to see this on stage, and I am fascinated how it would turn out, I would love to see the bookcase scene in Hermione's office play out on the stage. 

I would recommend picking this story up if you are interested in Harry Potter at all, it is a super fast read, and it's fascinating to see how everything turns out in the Potter-verse. 

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