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I love to cook and bake, so I though today I would share some of my favourite book inspired recipes from some fantastic bloggers online. In the future I am also going to try to create some recipes of my own too! Let me know down below if you want to try any of these recipes!

1. Happy Birthday Harry Cake from Food In Literature

This is what I want for my birthday! My name is Gabby, so it would be pretty easy to change the H to a G and link up the R's and it would look pretty similar. This is such a cute idea to make, because it is so easily recognisable. It also doesn't matter if you are not the best cake decorator, because hey! the messier the better with this one!

2. 'Me Before You' Bourbon Creams from Sugar and Soul

These look absolutely delicious, and I am down for anything that will help me channel my inner Louisa Clark.

3. Korvapuusti from 'The Heir'

In The Heir, Henri Jaakoppi baked these Finnish cinnamon rolls on one of the group dates and reading that scene made me drool. I found this recipe from the blogger 'My Dear Kitchen in Helsinki'

4. Doorstops from 'Clockwork Angel' 

This is my most recent reads, and there is a scene where Jem and Tessa eat doorstops 'which sounded horrible but turned out to be butter, sugar and bread' I was so intrigued after reading this so I tried to find a recipe. I searched to try and find these so called 'doorstops' but most recipes were for cake, which I don't think were in the book, so this is my interpretation. Let me know what you think the 'Doorstops' that Jem and Tessa ate were. I really want to try making these because I'm so sucked into the Infernal Devices trilogy right now, and I bet these will make me feel like a Shadowhunter.

5. The Hunger Games Cake

A baked Alaska, or 'The Cake On Fire' - just like Katniss. This Fantastic Cherry Pistachio Baked Alaska from Yummy Books was so impressive I couldn't not include it. Although this particular cake isn't strictly mentioned in the books. This cake was inspired from a passage on page 77: "I try to focus on the talk, which has turned to our interview costumes, when a girl sets a gorgeous looking cake on the table and deftly lights it. It blazes up and then the flames flicker around the edges awhile until it finally goes out. I have a moment of doubt “What makes it burn? Is it alcohol?”"

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