Review: Finding My Shine by Nastia Liukin


Rating: 4/5

I love gymnastics. I have loved gymnastics since around 2007. Every Olympics I am the biggest nerd, and know every top athlete at the time, and their routines. My friends roll their eyes at me. I have never done gymnastics myself, but the sport is so powerful and graceful and magical to me.

Nastia was, and will always be one of my absolute favourite gymnasts. Her style and elegance is something that is rare in gymnastics today, and I still watch her old uneven bar and balance beam routines on Youtube today. I listen to her NBC commentaries of todays competitions and follow her on Instagram.

So when I found out she had written a book I knew I had to jump in on the action. I am so intrigued about the life of someone who has been so dedicated from such a young age, and where it has taken them.

Jam packed with motivational quotes, this book is the perfect fix if you need a boost to help you feel motivated.

“But just like walking down the road, if you take one step a day toward your goal, eventually you will get there, just as I did.”

This book gave insights from Nastia from well-known routines or events that have happened.

I have seen loads of appearances of Nastia’s from the movie Stick it, to Gossip Girl. This book talks about some of the goings on behind scenes, and all about some of the fantastic opportunities she has had, and how they came her way.

This book made you realise that Nastia Liukin is a normal human, not a superhero. She struggles with fitting in, has had times she felt completely lost with what she wanted to do. She talks about some of her hardest moments, such as the 2012 Olympic trials and struggles that normal people deal with (having no idea how to work out in a gym and which machines to use). It was well written and I really enjoyed it. 

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