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There will be spoilers in this review, I will give a spoiler warning before I delve into my spoiler-y discussion.

Once again, Queen Colleen Hoover kills it. Colleen Hoover is one of my auto-buy authors, anything she publishes, I will buy before I even read the synopsis. I was expecting great things from this book, and it delivered. I feel like I was hit with a big brick sack of emotions after reading this. I laughed and I cried.

It Ends With Us is was one of those sticky books, the kind that sticks to you and you can’t stop your mind from constantly wandering back to if you put it down for even an instant. It has been a long time since I have read a book that I can’t wait to run home and finish reading, I think reading this was just the cure I needed for my reading slump.

I went into this book blind, but the story explores domestic abuse. Lily, the main character, grew up with a hard home situation and moves to Boston and starts a new life for herself.
Ryle is a neurosurgeon, and is totally swoon-worthy. They meet on a rooftop in the very first chapter.

This novel had a lot of time jumping, so a new chapter might start a few weeks or months later from where the old one left off. This normally bothers me, but I think it worked for the story, this type of story could not be told if you couldn’t see progression over time.

Throughout the story, there were a lot of flash backs, which were told through Lily’s old journal entries, each one addressed as a letter to Ellen DeGeneres, which was hilarious.

Another thing I loved about this book was Allyssa and Marshal. Allyssa is Ryle’s sister and Marshal is her husband, so often side characters are flat but these were so full of life.


Ok, so I had a lot of thoughts when I was reading this book. In NA and YA, controlling, jealous, boyfriends with aggressive tendencies are romanticised so it was refreshing reading about this more realistic side.

I completely fell in love with Ryle, alongside Lily. I wasn’t expecting his character turn at all, and my heart broke the very moment he first hit her. I had never read a book which had explored domestic abuse before, and I am very fortunate that I have never experienced it, or known anyone who has. It is so common to wonder why a woman won’t leave her abusive partner, and this book explained so many of the emotions and thoughts that a woman in Lily’s, or her mother’s situation go through. The reasoning was so well written, and Colleen is so incredible at writing characters that it felt so incredibly real, I felt like I was in turmoil alongside Lily.

I loved that although Lily was indeed a damsel in distress, she saved herself. Atlas was incredible, but I am so glad that instead of him swooping in and saving her from everything and magically being the hero that Lily was strong enough to save herself, and only once she had found some normality and routine in her life, Altas and her found each other again.
Speaking of Atlas, their story was so sweet, and I really loved his character. When he was first introduced I thought this was going to be a classic love triangle story, not a domestic abuse story.

Reading Colleen Hoover’s note at the end of the book, where she detailed her family situation was heartbreaking, and I think it is incredible that she could tell her story.  

I absolutely loved this book.

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